When Was The Last Time You Dared to Dream?

Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you.-Marsha Norman

What is your soul writing about you? Not about your kids, or your husband, but you. Often as moms we think so much of everyone else that we forget about ourselves. We stop dreaming about us. Sure we dream about the great future our kids will have, how they will grow up and have babies of their own. But that is them not you; what are your dreams?

I have had to reteach myself to dream. Sort of dig down deep and remember, oh yeah I always wanted to do that. Like writing a novel, or returning to school just for the joy of learning. You know those things that we tell ourselves we will get to when the kids are grown. Having children is no reason for me, or any other mother to give up on her dreams.

So, tell me when was the last time you dared to dream?

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