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Outcome, Action, or Both?

Photo Credit: jayneandd Life is full of obstacle illusions -Grant Frazier     Have you ever noticed that there are two types of goals?  There are outcome goals, such as wanting to lose X amount of pounds.  Then there are action goals, such as working out Y number of minutes each week.  When setting goals,… Continue Reading

Just Run

Photo Credit: Steve-H      Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.   -William Faulkner      Each and every run that I go on surprises me.  There are days that I start off feeling weak, only to finish strong.  There are times when I have… Continue Reading

This Mommy Takes Time Outs

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest      Is it really the middle of February?  This year has been flying fast, I only hope that it starts to slow down. As many of you know, we are getting ready to move up the East Coast.  Moving brings its own stress, add in four kids and… Continue Reading

Heart to Heart

Photo Credit: qthomasbower Let your heart guide you.  It whispers, so listen closely. ~ unknown      At first when I hear heart, the romantic heart comes to mind.  Gifts of Valentine’s, covered in red and pink hearts, flowers, chocolates and the like are all front and center.  Then I think of the physical heart, the… Continue Reading

Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Balsamic Vinegar

     Growing up, I was introduced to many different vegetables.  Brussels sprouts were one of the vegetables I was made fun of for liking.  To me, they have always been little cabbage like balls of deliciousness.  My husband swore he hated them, that is until he was served them.  Convincing him to take one… Continue Reading