7 Signs That You Need a Break

  1. You are tired, and you just can’t figure out why. (I bet being chef, manager, referee, and maid has nothing to do with it;)
  2. You can not remember the last time you used the bathroom in peace. (It was probably before the kids were born.)
  3. You thought that you put make up on today, only to realize that no, you did that yesterday. (Wait, you don’t have any make up, because the kids decided to paint with it!)
  4. You start to say those annoying phrases that your mom used, and realized you still don’t like them. (Then you realize that your mom, probably hated them too.)
  5. You make excuses to get out of the house, even if it is to get the mail. (Now, if only your mailman was eye candy.)
  6. You have every Dr. Seuss book memorized, but you can’t remember the last novel you read. (A novel, you would be happy being able to read the advice column.)
  7. You can’t wait for the new Sponge Bob episode, because you have all the other ones memorized. (Then you stop and realize that every kid’s show plays the same episodes over and over again.)

Now that we all know the signs that we moms need a break. I hope that you will join me as I start to carve out some break time for myself!

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