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Growing Old Not Up

My husband has consistently said that he doesn’t want to grow old.  That he would much rather not be around then to be “weaker” than the man he is today.  Maybe it is the idea of needing others, or the possibility of not being able to drive, or the chance of being in a nursing… Continue Reading

Making Changes

  We have been making many changes in our household lately, where we live, what we eat, the color of our rooms, and now my blog.  The blog has moved from Blogger to WordPress and from to  This is just the beginning of the changes, of course with the changes comes a learning… Continue Reading

Eating For Fuel and Health

Photo Credit:  Aries Mommy      For the past couple of months food has often been a source of fear for me.  Always reading and questioning if the food contains gluten.  I don’t want to fear my food.  I want to enjoy it and have confidence that it will fuel my body not hurt it…. Continue Reading

A Life in Boxes

     Sometimes we can see the finish line, other times we can only see what is in front of us.  Right now, every where I turn there are boxes.  I would love to tell you that I have been working out daily, that moving is a piece of cake.  Instead, I am here to… Continue Reading

Negative 26 Bottles of….Mom!

*Warning this post is not about weight loss and does contain some abrasive language. Source: via Shannon on Pinterest Some people are afraid of spiders, some people are afraid of snakes, I am deathly afraid of bridges.  Put me on a bridge that goes into an underwater tunnel and it isn’t a pretty site…. Continue Reading

And We are Off!

Wish me luck, today is moving day and my birthday. I have some healthy gluten free snacks packed. Now if only I could find a celiac friendly place to stop for dinner. Fall is almost here!… Continue Reading

The Scale, Pack it or Take it?

Photo Credit: Nicholas T Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe      Have you ever had something weigh on your mind that really should not be such a big deal?  The past week I couldn’t decide if I wanted the movers to pack my scale (thus living without… Continue Reading

Mamavation Monday, Wait it’s Tuesday

We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom. -Dwight D. Eisenhower      Watching the waves always brings me peace.  Maybe it is the soothing sound, or the endless blue ocean. Whatever it is, the ocean has a calming effect on me.  This past weekend we took a mini vacation to Myrtle… Continue Reading

Bob Greene Interview and a Giveaway!

     The Omron Campaign is coming to an end.  The past month I had the opportunity to not only count my steps, but to watch my heart rate.  As many of you know, wearing a pedometer is something that I have been doing since July of 2011.  However, it wasn’t until this campaign that… Continue Reading

C is for…

Photo Credit: Tracy O You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler. -Denis Waitley      Carrots?  Change?  Oh wait, C is for Celiac.  The news results that I was waiting for came on Friday.  Minutes before a lunch date with friends, my doctor called to tell me that I do have… Continue Reading