Growing Old Not Up

My husband has consistently said that he doesn’t want to grow old.  That he would much rather not be around then to be “weaker” than the man he is today.  Maybe it is the idea of needing others, or the possibility of not being able to drive, or the chance of being in a nursing home.  Whatever it was, he didn’t like to talk about aging.  Until he watched Betty White’s Off Their Rockers.  That is when we had this conversation.

Sexy Sergeant: Haha, I can’t wait to be old.

Me: Uh, what?  YOU don’t want to be old.

Sexy Sergeant:  I do now!  It will be great.

Me:  Because you will be growing old with me.  We will have grandkids to spoil and then send home.  We can be the cool grandparents.

Sexy Sergeant:  Nah, because I can pull all the pranks and do stupid things, and no one will get mad because I’m old.

Me:  Let me get this straight, you are now excited to get old.  Not because you will have a long and loving marriage. No, not that.  You are excited to punk people and not grow up just grow old.

Sexy Sergeant:  Well, yeah, I can get away with it then.  Ha!  I could pee on someone and they would think I didn’t know where the bathroom was.  Not that I was doing it on purpose.


Yes, lucky me.  My husband wants to grow old but not up.  A girl can dream right?

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  1. Lisa Gray says:

    We don’t get old we get better!! Just remember that.

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