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You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler. -Denis Waitley
     Carrots?  Change?  Oh wait, C is for Celiac.  The news results that I was waiting for came on Friday.  Minutes before a lunch date with friends, my doctor called to tell me that I do have Celiac Disease.   For a split second I was happy that there was finally an answer to my issues.  Then it hit me that my life was going to drastically change.  So, I cried and reached out on Facebook to a group of women who show more support than I could ever ask for.
     My family is currently going through an adjustment period.  We are in the process of purging all gluten from the house.  I spent a lot of time on this week’s meal plan adjusting recipes to be gluten free and looking for new recipes to try.  The menu focuses on foods that are natural gluten free, just like items are marketed and marked up as healthy, the items marketed as gluten free tend to cost more.  I can live without that $5-$8 loaf of gluten free bread; lettuce wraps suit me just fine.  
     There is a lot of comfort in knowing that I am not alone in this.  There are so many resources for those with Celiac.  I am not the first person to be diagnosed and I will not be the last.  Just tweeting with Alysa and all of my Mamavation sistas helped me to not feel so alone and scared.  Change can be scary, having others to help guide me gives me hope.
QOW:  What is your favorite workout to get the heart pumping?

     My favorite workout to get my heart pumping is running.  No matter how the run starts at the end I feel like I accomplished something huge.  Some say the hardest part is getting your shoes on.  I think the first step is the hardest (I could totally run barefoot).
What is your least favorite workout?  A group step class is mine, I don’t think my pride ever recovered from the faceplant ;)
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5 Responses to C is for…

  1. Sarah M says:

    My sister can't have gluten either, she has ulcerative colitis and gluten causes it to flare up. Her husband is deathly allergic to all dairy. So when they come for dinner I really have to search for recipe's. I've always found great stuff on Alysa's site :)

  2. Marie "aka Shorty" says:

    As least you have answers and your stronger you'll get through this and will manage it with flying colors. Step class really least favorite?? love to do anyting with dancing. LOL have a great week.

  3. Libby says:

    I can't do spin class ever again…not since my first time about five years ago where I fell off my bike and tipped over two other people.

    Maybe someday, but my ego is still recovering!

    And I'm proud of you for taking your diagnosis in stride. You can do it! <3

  4. Pauline says:

    My husband was diagnosed with Celiac after twn years of swallowing acid reflux medication with no relief of symptoms. Because of his diet, my daughter and I are both gluten free also. It's a lot to take in but I'll give you a few quick tips: it's expensive so prepare for sticker shock. Udi's bread is THE BEST and tastes great without having to toast is (as long as you keep it frozen and only take out what you need right before you use it) and Quinoa pasta is so good you can serve it to anyone without fear of having guests ask why you served them dog food. If you have any more questions, you can find me on Facebook as Pauline Campos.

  5. Shannon Sander says:

    Thank you everyone. I keep going from, "I've got this" to "OMG it is so hard finding something I can eat."

    Alysa does have some awesome GF recipes.

    Pauline, I will be taking you up on that.

    Marie, yes step class. You were not there to see my fall. Embarrassing is an understatement.

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