Keeping a Journal

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Do you keep a journal? If you don’t, I would highly recommend starting one. There are many benefits to keeping a journal. The most obvious is that when you are old and having recollection issues, you can pick up your old journal and remember:) Seriously though, writing in a journal is like opening up a part of yourself you do not realize is there.

A journal can be a place to clear your head. Maybe you are trying to work through a problem, or you just don’t have anyone to talk to. Pick up a pen and write in a journal, it does not need to be a fancy one, even just a piece of paper will do. Then start to write all of the things you are thinking. Simple, quick and to the point. You may find yourself reading what you wrote and actually organizing those thoughts, or you may find the answer to your problem.

A journal can be where you get creative. If you are feeling in a rut creatively, a journal can help you out of it. At first you may sit there holding the pen and thinking there is nothing I have to say. Well, that is the reason I post a quote of the day! Sometimes, I find myself in a writing rut and need a little inspiration. Once, that little push is there, my creative juices start flowing again.

A journal can be a record of your life.
We are not all famous, we will not all have a biography written about us. That does not mean that our lives are not just as important. One day, our children, grandchildren, even great grandchildren may want to know who we were inside. They may really enjoy the fact that you are able to share your inner most thoughts and experiences with them. You never know, you may inspire them to be something more:)

What ever reason you choose to keep a journal, make time to write in it. You might be using all three reasons at different points in time, or all at once. Making the time to sit down daily to write in a journal will not hurt you, in fact, you may find that it is a favorite part of your day. Children love to write in journals too. If you find that with children it is hard to make the time, buy them their own notebook, even if they can’t write yet (they can always color).

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